Analogy Clock


Fantastic idea,awsome, my friends just grab it from my PC.I just wanted to have it as desktop,some more ideas........if You`re in mood

Vlatko – 27/11/2008 – 23:13

Love the screensaver, great work. It's one of those "I can't believe no one thought of that before!" things. Have been using the old white one since the day it went up but the glaring brightness always irked me slightly. Decided to check for an update and glad I did, the black version is much easier on the eye. Only problem now is I can see all the dust on my screen :)

matt – 27/11/2008 – 02:45

Muito engraçado

Luis Ribeira – 03/11/2008 – 12:59

Simply excellent, i liked it,,, it enliven the desktop... great job dude.

Kashif Ahmad – 30/10/2008 – 00:20

i like the bounce - just like the shudder of a plastic, battery-powered second hand; the clock's heart beat.

nick yannoulopoulos – 26/10/2008 – 23:58

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